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The monthly H.O.A. meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. with the following exceptions: May-the Annual meeting which is held on the 3rd Thursday; October-in conjunction with National Night Out; All meetings are conducted at the clubhouse, 13318 Rosstown Drive.


  • Agenda 04/17/18





    All Barrington Place residents are invited to join us for our Annual Easter event scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 31, at Slockett Park. The activities will begin at 11:00 a.m.

    We are anticipating another visit from the Easter Bunny. Parents might wish to bring their cameras to capture a shot of their child with Mr. Bunny. Easter eggs will be plentiful for hunting and there will be lots of treats and games for the children.

    Anyone who would like to help out with this event, please call Angela Connell, 713-776-1771, to volunteer.


    On Thursday, May 17, 2018, the Barrington Place Homeowners' Association (BPHOA) will hold its Annual Meeting at the clubhouse at 13318 Rosstown, 7:30 p.m. On that date the membership will elect two (2) Board of Director positions currently set to expire on May 17, 2018. The two board position terms are for two (2) years. Al Lockwood and Kenneth Langer will be running for re-election for positions 4 & 5 respectively.

    Those wishing to run for a Board position should contact the management company, MASC Austin Properties, at 945 Eldridge Road, Sugar Land, Texas 77478, as soon as possible.

    The candidate may submit a candidate profile for publication in the March and April Banner. Candidates are requested to keep profiles to 400 words or less due to space allocation in the Banner. Should a candidate wish to submit a longer candidate profile, a notation will be made in the Banner that a more extensive profile is posted on the Barrington Place website. Candidate Profiles will be published in the Banner one time during the period covered by the March and April issues. All profiles shall be kept on the Barrington Place website from the date first published on the website until after the election. Changes to a candidate profile on the BP website may be made by a candidate as long as changes are timely made. All candidates are requested to avoid vulgarisms and profanity in their profiles. Due to printing deadlines and the uncertainty of United States Postal delivery, it is questionable whether or not that the May issue of the Banner would reach the membership before May 17, 2018; therefore, no proxy ballots or candidate profiles will be published in the May Banner issue.


    When Homeowners ask about assessments and where their money goes, one issue usually comes to the forefront: the neighborhood pool at 2306 Burkdale. The pool is an ongoing major expense for the Association with costs for Lifeguards, Pool Monitors, pumps and filters, furniture, pool equipment, water and chemicals, and area maintenance. Opinions on the pool vary greatly. Some say the costs are too high so fill it in. While others love the pool and want to expand it.

    Our neighborhood pool is open to all Homeowners in good standing and who obtain the necessary tags to present at the gate during pool operating hours/season. In 2017, 239 homeowners registered to use the pool and nearly 900 individual tags were issued. This equates to about 1 in 4 homes being registered to use the pool.

    The pool and pool house initially cost about $151,000 in 1989, making it approximately 30 years old. A pool’s “life expectancy” is about 30 years. That does not necessarily mean the pool and pool house need to be replaced at 30 years, but some day replacement will need to be considered, so the Board has been budgeting reserves for that eventuality.

    Currently by looking at the water line, you can see the shallow end of the pool is higher than the deeper end. This tilt stresses the concrete and could cause it to fail. You may be personally familiar or know someone that has had foundation issues or a cracking driveway repaired. This is the same concern for the pool. Additionally, the water level at the shallow end allows air to be sucked into the pumps which adds wear and tear to that system. While admittedly not perfect, the pool is operational and we keep nursing it along in hopes that major repairs are delayed, as well as giving the Association time to save for the day when replacement of the pool or major parts is required.

    Another concern is when the pool was initially built it was built to the standards of the day and like older structures is currently grandfathered in certain aspects. Any major work on the pool could cause it to lose its grandfathered status. There are many laws that could affect any new pool and pool house construction, such as:

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Texas Accessibility Standards enacted in 2012.
  • The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act became law on December 19, 2008 requiring all public pools and spas be equipped with drain covers.
  • The pool enclosure consists partly of chain link fencing which is no longer the standard.
  • The baby pool requirements have changed to require a sloped entry instead of step in entry.

    These requirements mean higher construction costs. Longtime residents know that their homes purchased around the time the pool was built have more than doubled in value, so a $150,000 pool and pool house is likely to cost $300,000. That is almost an entire annual budget and why the Association is accumulating reserves. It is the Board’s hope that the cost can be managed without having to eliminate the timely paid assessment discount and without the Association borrowing money.

    You can learn more about where your money goes by joining a committee, such as the pool committee. There is a lot of collective knowledge in the community that would benefit the Association in both maintaining the pool and controlling operational costs, as well as planning and budgeting for its eventual replacement. Also, to learn more of what the Association Board is doing, meetings are scheduled monthly and are listed on, as well as in the Banner. Constructive input on how to make Association dollars go further is always welcome!!


    As many of you may know a retail center, Airridge Center, is planned on the 1.73 acres, beside CVS Pharmacy at Eldridge and W. Airport, on the land that abuts Barrington Place. Several residents were concerned about the impact of this planned retail so close to their homes and the neighborhood in general. They made their displeasure known at the Sugar Land Planning and Zoning Commission meetings that are held at City Hall. However, the land is zoned neighborhood business (B-1) and while prevention of the build out was not an option, the ability to express and discuss mitigating concerns is open to all residents. One of our Barrington Place residents chose to do just that! She took the time to call and write the HOA and Sugar Land City officials to express her concerns about safety, noise and lighting disturbances, and aesthetics. Councilman Steve Porter received her original correspondence that the Barrington Place HOA forwarded to him and continued a dialogue that detailed numerous concerns about this retail development.

    Due to her ardent fervor, the support of Councilman Porter and the Barrington Place HOA, changes in the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for B-1 zoned property adjacent to residential single family residential neighborhoods were made! These changes increase the building setback from the property lines, have height and lighting restrictions, and square footage limitations. As a direct result of the concerns specifically for this new retail center, refuse containers will be placed further away from the property line and will be enclosed in an upgraded architectural enclosure, the landscape buffer along the residences will require taller trees, and shade trees will be taller and have a wider caliper. A proposed wooden fence along the residences will be upgraded to a cast concrete fence with architectural detail on both sides – this one is huge! A cast concrete fence is typically aesthetically more pleasing, more durable, and provides a much greater buffer! For more detailed information about the CUP provisions and changes you can contact the City of Sugar Land Planning and Zoning Commission and ask for a copy of the Airridge CUP case regarding Residential Proximity CUP Requirements or contact the HOA for a copy.

    The Barrington Place HOA wanted to highlight this situation to let residents know that being engaged and involved in the community, YOU can make a difference! We’d also like to express our sincere thanks to Councilman Steve Porter, who took the time to correspond with the HOA, our Barrington Place resident, and the staff. We appreciate the members of the Planning and Zoning Commission, who took our concerns under consideration resulting in changes and improvements to the CUP for commercial business adjacent to single family residences. Barrington Place will see these changes in the Airridge Center and our neighborhood as well as the community at large will benefit – being involved made a difference!


    A lot of homeowners are making changes to their homes without getting ACC approval before making changes. Everyone who bought and/or owns a home in Barrington Place HOA agreed to get ACC approval before making changes whether they know it or not. This is spelled out in the Declarations and in the ACC Guidelines which are recorded in the local property records.

    Failing to get ACC approval in advance is oftentimes accompanied by the failure to get necessary City permits. Permits usually are needed for reroofing, changing siding, driveway repairs or replacement, foundations repairs, swimming pools, additions, remodels, and outdoor kitchens, patios and patio covers. Permits may also be necessary for water heater replacement, air conditioner replacement, heater replacements, air conditioning ductwork, any electrical circuit work, electrical panel replacements, water line replacements and water softeners. See

    Several homeowners have had to tear down and remove the improvements since City permits were not obtained. While many homeowners submit ACC forms and receive ACC approval before starting work there are some who do not. Sometimes the work is acceptable and conforms to community standards and the ACC grants approval after the fact. However there has been a rise in unapproved work recently that is not acceptable and does not conform to community standards.The ACC has the right and the duty to enforce deed restrictions and to insist on the removal of the non-conforming improvement at the cost and expense of the owner.

    This Article will be printed for the next 6 months in the Banner and posted online to remind and educate the Homeowners. A copy will also be sent with the billing for the 2018 Annual Assessment. If at the end of the 6 month period the problem has not gotten better, the Board will consider taking other actions, including denying eligibility for the discount on the yearly assessment for failure to submit ACC forms prior to commencing work. Those homeowners who get ACC approval before making improvements will have no problems. Those homeowners who do not get ACC approval before making improvements do so at their own monetary risk.

    The Request for Home Improvement Approval Form (BP ACC Form) can be found online at under the committees tab. Forms can also be requested in person from MASC Austin Properties at 945 Eldridge Road, Sugar Land, Texas 77478, Monday thru Friday, 9AM to 5PM, during normal workdays. Forms can also be mailed to the Homeowner upon request. The phone number for MASC Austin Properties is 713-776-1771 and the fax number is 713-776-1777. Forms can also be requested by email by contacting the property manager Angela Connell at

    There is no cost charged to the Homeowner for submitting and review of the BP ACC Form.


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