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The monthly H.O.A. meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. with the following exceptions: May-the Annual meeting which is held on the 3rd Thursday; October-in conjunction with National Night Out; All meetings are conducted at the clubhouse, 13318 Rosstown Drive.


  • Agenda 01/16/18 TBP





    The assessments for 2018 are$748.00 with a discount of $398.00 for eligible owners. The discounted assessment amount is $350.00.


    To receive the $398.00 discount, you must comply with the following: NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GRANTED!

    1. Payment of the entire Discounted Assessment Amount ($350.00) must be RECEIVED by MASC Austin Properties, Inc. by January 31, 2018. An envelope post marked January 31, 2018 does not constitute receipt of payment.

    2. Payment plans are available - Three installments may be made: 1) November of 2017, 2) December of 2017, and 3) January of 2018. A total of $350.00 must be paid in full and received on or before January 31, 2018. If your payment plan runs over the January 31st deadline, you must pay the full $748.00.

    3. Any account which reflects an outstanding balance prior to 2018 that is not paid in full by January 31, 2018, will not be eligible to receive the discount.

    4. Please write your Customer ID number on the lower left corner of your check. Your Customer ID number is shown on the enclosed invoice.

    5. Please make your check payable to Barrington Place HOA, Inc., and mail it in care of MASC Austin Properties, Inc., 945 Eldridge Road, Sugar Land, TX 77478.

    6. For online payments please visit the website for MASC Austin Properties, Inc. at

    The 2018 annual assessment is due on January 1, 2018, and is late on February 1, 2018. All past due accounts will be assessed interest in the amount of 10% per annum. A letter will be mailed after February 15th to all homeowners with past due balances. A certified demand letter, with a minimum $35 collection fee being assessed to the account, will be sent after March 15th. All past due accounts will be turned over to the Association's attorney for collection after April 15th. The collection process will be pursued to the full extent of the law, including foreclosure if necessary.


    We invite all Barrington Place residents to join us on Tuesday, December 19th, 6:30 PM, at the BP Clubhouse. We will be showing an indoor screening of “Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, starring Jim Carrey. For refreshments, we will be serving cold cut sandwiches, s’mores and hot chocolate for everyone’s enjoyment.

    A festive background will be provided and we encourage parents to bring their cameras to take holiday pictures of their children. Please mark the date on your calendar to come visit with your neighbors and your Board of Directors in sharing some holiday cheer.


    It’s almost that time again when we turn our thoughts to the upcoming holiday season. Which means it is also time to give thought to one of our brightest events of the year….the annual decorating contest!

    You may want to get out all your decorations and check that everything is ready to go. If you have frayed wiring, be sure to replace them with new ones.

    This year’s holiday decorating contest judging will be on the weekend of December 15, 16, 17, so make sure all your decorations are in place and all your lights turned on by this date! We anticipate lots of beautiful displays to select from and are anxious to see Barrington Place alight with joy!


    City Council recently approved more than $1.5 million in reductions to the fiscal year 2018 budget, cuts needed to address lower than budgeted sales tax – particularly in the oil and gas related business sectors – and property tax revenues.

    The budget amendment focused on prioritizing “needs” versus “wants” in an effort to minimize the impact to the city’s core services. Identified items were selected based on their recurring nature, supporting the city’s financial resiliency and balanced budget.

    Reductions include the elimination of three full-time positions; a reduction in merit-based salary increases; elimination of the printing and mailing of the quarterly newsletter, Sugar Land Today, and the city calendar; reductions in street sweeping, mulching and fertilizing of bed plantings in roadway medians, and tractor mowing along roadways; cancellation of the city-funded New Years’ Eve and Star Spangled Spectacular events; reduction of services in parks and restructuring the senior holiday gala event; and others. Based on widespread community input, however, City Manager Allen Bogard recommended removing the closure of the city pool from recommended budget cuts.

    “We heard from the community, and we listened,” said Bogard. “The pool will remain open, and repairs and operations will be funded through the elimination of a third full-time position. We appreciate the Sugar Land Sharks and users of the pool participating in this public process and sharing what this amenity means to them, and we look forward to continuing to work together as we keep the pool open. Additionally, we recognize many of these cuts impact well-loved items such as the Star Spangled Spectacular, and we will be working in the coming weeks and months to determine whether or not there are any feasible alternatives in order to further minimize the impact of the approved cuts to our residents.”

    The five-year capital improvement program (CIP) was also reduced from $130.3 million to $96.4 million based on updated revenue assumptions. Projects that are not affordable within revised assumed debt capacity have been removed from the five-year plan, and design funding for several of these projects planned for fiscal year 2018 has been removed from the budget.

    Construction projects removed from the five-year CIP include the emergency operations center / public safety dispatch facility; animal shelter; and reconstruction of Sweetwater Boulevard, phase II. The voter-approved park bond program has also been suspended until tax revenues can be generated to fully fund the projects. The city has been subsidizing the projects from general revenues due to having only increased the tax rate by .7 cents to-date for the program – far less than the 3.1-cent increase authorized by voters.

    In addition to the budget cuts, one-time funding of $210,000 was set aside for engineering studies to be conducted or updated after Hurricane Harvey that may help identify improvements to the city’s drainage system in areas that had structural flooding. A reserve of one-time funding was also established in the CIP to help expedite any projects identified through studies and to repair city facilities and public infrastructure damaged during the storm.

    A full list of the reductions may be found by going to


    A lot of homeowners are making changes to their homes without getting ACC approval before making changes. Everyone who bought and/or owns a home in Barrington Place HOA agreed to get ACC approval before making changes whether they know it or not. This is spelled out in the Declarations and in the ACC Guidelines which are recorded in the local property records.

    Failing to get ACC approval in advance is oftentimes accompanied by the failure to get necessary City permits. Permits usually are needed for reroofing, changing siding, driveway repairs or replacement, foundations repairs, swimming pools, additions, remodels, and outdoor kitchens, patios and patio covers. Permits may also be necessary for water heater replacement, air conditioner replacement, heater replacements, air conditioning ductwork, any electrical circuit work, electrical panel replacements, water line replacements and water softeners. See

    Several homeowners have had to tear down and remove the improvements since City permits were not obtained. While many homeowners submit ACC forms and receive ACC approval before starting work there are some who do not. Sometimes the work is acceptable and conforms to community standards and the ACC grants approval after the fact. However there has been a rise in unapproved work recently that is not acceptable and does not conform to community standards.The ACC has the right and the duty to enforce deed restrictions and to insist on the removal of the non-conforming improvement at the cost and expense of the owner.

    This Article will be printed for the next 6 months in the Banner and posted online to remind and educate the Homeowners. A copy will also be sent with the billing for the 2018 Annual Assessment. If at the end of the 6 month period the problem has not gotten better, the Board will consider taking other actions, including denying eligibility for the discount on the yearly assessment for failure to submit ACC forms prior to commencing work. Those homeowners who get ACC approval before making improvements will have no problems. Those homeowners who do not get ACC approval before making improvements do so at their own monetary risk.

    The Request for Home Improvement Approval Form (BP ACC Form) can be found online at under the committees tab. Forms can also be requested in person from MASC Austin Properties at 945 Eldridge Road, Sugar Land, Texas 77478, Monday thru Friday, 9AM to 5PM, during normal workdays. Forms can also be mailed to the Homeowner upon request. The phone number for MASC Austin Properties is 713-776-1771 and the fax number is 713-776-1777. Forms can also be requested by email by contacting the property manager Angela Connell at

    There is no cost charged to the Homeowner for submitting and review of the BP ACC Form.


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